Invitation to Cruise In

The Sunshine Coast Mustangers (SCM) are having a cruise in at Tim Hortons here in Sechelt starting this Thursday July 30th and every Thursday through the end of August, weather permitting, at 7:00 p.m. for an hour or so to enjoy a coffee, a snack and some company with friends.


If there are any members of the Coasters Car Club who would like to join us for this get together, they are more than welcome. It is not limited to Mustangs only. I have spoken to the owner of this Sechelt Tim Hortons and his Manager and they have no issues with us showing up. Ron Walsh met up with a few Coasters in the Sechelt coffee shop this morning and mentioned it to them and those he spoke to were interested in participating so we wanted to get the word out to your members who may be interested.


The SCM would ask that those who do attend to please abide by the first item of our SCM Motto which is to Respect Your Car, the Environment and the Laws. Also, as we are all cognizant of I am sure, due to the COVID19 pandemic, social distancing and or the wearing of masks is imperative to keep everyone safe.


You will find our SCM web sites home page here and our Motto page here and our page on this cruise in here


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