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This is the picture of the shirt Alan Hemstreet has designed for the 2021 Car Cruise on August 6th.  Please contact Alan at 606-741-1103(c)  or 604 -885-6520(h).  Leave your sizes  and numbers of shirts you want along with your name and contact phone number.  Alan will look after the ordering and distribution of the shirts.

The price of the shirts is $30.00.  Our costs have gone up substantially so the price reflects the increase of production.  We are sure you will enjoy wearing them.

Please order ASAP so the process can happen without hic-cups.

Thank you Alan and Evelyn for doing this on our behalf!

Just a reminder of the General meeting on July 20th @ 7:00 pm at the Davis Bay Hall.

For those members heading to Micheal Labonte’s BBQ on the 15th we will marshall at the Chatalech Secondary School parking lot and cruise to Pender Harbor.  Meet time is 12:00 and cruise out at 12:15.  Hope we get a nice day for the outing…

Thank you.


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