Sleepy Hollow Consolation run




In light of the cancellation of our Sleepy Hollow 2020 it has been suggested at the general meeting we have a cruise from Chatalech High School to the Halfmoon Bay Fire Hall and back again.


We will assemble at Chatalech High School  on August 7th 2020 at 6:30 pm ready to depart at 6:45 pm.  It would be nice if all  or as many as possible members could participate on this cruise.

The route is…leave the High School …Turn right onto Cowrie St  to Derby Rd….Follow Derby to Norwestbay Rd..Turn left on Norwestbay Rd to the lights on Hwy 101 ..Follow 101 to Redroofs Rd.  Take Redroofs to the Firehall and turn around at the Hall.  Return to Sechelt and disperse or go to your favourite watering hole…LOL LOL


A reminder that the silent auction we had thought about having at Louis and Darlene Vignal’s has been cancelled due to Covid.  We will look forward to next year!


Invitation to Cruise In

The Sunshine Coast Mustangers (SCM) are having a cruise in at Tim Hortons here in Sechelt starting this Thursday July 30th and every Thursday through the end of August, weather permitting, at 7:00 p.m. for an hour or so to enjoy a coffee, a snack and some company with friends.


If there are any members of the Coasters Car Club who would like to join us for this get together, they are more than welcome. It is not limited to Mustangs only. I have spoken to the owner of this Sechelt Tim Hortons and his Manager and they have no issues with us showing up. Ron Walsh met up with a few Coasters in the Sechelt coffee shop this morning and mentioned it to them and those he spoke to were interested in participating so we wanted to get the word out to your members who may be interested.


The SCM would ask that those who do attend to please abide by the first item of our SCM Motto which is to Respect Your Car, the Environment and the Laws. Also, as we are all cognizant of I am sure, due to the COVID19 pandemic, social distancing and or the wearing of masks is imperative to keep everyone safe.


You will find our SCM web sites home page here and our Motto page here and our page on this cruise in here


Sunshine Coast Drag Racing

The Sunshine Coast Drag Racing Association (SCDRA) has received approval from Vancouver Coastal Health and the District of Sechelt for the Aug. 9 drag race at Sechelt Airport. This event will be limited to a maximum of 50 participants. There will be no spectators or pit crew. Drivers only!


To participate, you must have current and paid up SCDRA membership. Cost to race is $50.


If you aren’t a member it’s easy to join the SCDRA. Membership is $50 and registration forms can be found For new members the cost is $100 ($50 membership, $50 cost to race).


Pre-registration is now open until noon on Saturday, Aug. 8. Late registration is available until 9 a.m. on Sunday, Aug. 9. There is an additional $30 fee for late registration. Once 50 participants are signed up, there will be no additional registration. Racers should not assume there will be space available on race day. There will likely be delays processing late registrations.


To secure participation at these events, email along with the completed membership registration and/or tech form.


COVID-19 protocols are to be followed at this event. If you are experiencing any signs of illness, no matter how mild, please don’t attend.


If you have questions, please contact Richard Austin at or604-230-5067

Canada Day Parade

Drive-By Parade
We’re doing the parade a little differently this year – this year the parade
will come to you! $100 Gift Card for BEST FLOAT!

From the comfort of your front lawn, balcony, or driveway, you can
participate in Sechelt’s Canada Day Drive-By Parade. Want to be in the
parade? Register your vehicle online to join the fun. Please note that
participants must remain inside their vehicle at all times (i.e. no riding
in the back of a pick-up or on a flat deck).

Participation is FREE. To register your vehicle in the parade:



We the executive and directors of the Coasters Car Club have discussed and decided due to Covid-19 to cancel the Sleepy Hollow Rod Run and Car Show this year.  As we rely on so many businesses for donations and trophies where many have not worked for so long not knowing if they will even be able to reopen?   The decision was made to cancel for 2020.

Be Safe and Let’s get through this in unison

Front line worker appreciation cruise #1

First off. Great turn out last night  (April 2).. so motivating to see all the front liners at the hospital. Great job gang.    Ok. You asked for it.  Next Thursday April 9  We can meet at the Gibson’s curling rink lot at 5:45  cruise down to Christiansen for 6:00 ish  then head back to Sechelt rally at stain-ko mall until 7:00 then go to our hospital  & Totem and then head to Shorncliffe. Talked to all 3 places and they all said that would be GREAT  All  so appreciative.  You guys & gals are the best..      Ken.

In connection with the Club’s Drive-by Salute to the Sechelt Hospital, the firehall, police station, ambulance station and care homes, I am circulating a letter of appreciation from the Sechelt Hospital Foundation, as well as photos of the event submitted by Sophie Woodrooffe of the Coast Reporter.

Hi Ken, for your Club Members…

Sending back reciprocal high-fives and virtual hugs, from the entire health care team here at Sechelt Hospital.

Thanks for sharing so many smiles and helpful honks!!!

Stay well & thanks again,

Jane Macdonald

Executive Director  

Sechelt Hospital Foundation

Photo credit: Sophie Woodrooffe

Front line worker appreciation cruise.

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Coasters cruise past the firehall, police station, ambulance station, and the hospital

April 2 @ 6:45 pm – 7:15 pm

Anybody interested in participating in a cruise past the firehall, police station, ambulance station and up past the hospital this Thursday April 2 nd  please arrive at the Light house pub parking lot at 6:45 pm  and we will proceed from there. Stay in your car.   Go up Wharf turn right on Dolphin to Trail turn left on Trail past the Firehall  to Toredo turn right go past Police station turn right on Shorncliffe to Cowrie  along To Inlet turn right to Toredo turn left then turn right at Ambulance station turn left on little road past Ambulance station then turn left on Reserve road up to McDonalds turn right past band hall then left to highway to light turn left go around the hospital   All in appreciation of all these front line workers. From the Coaster car club.  If this works maybe we should do it every Thursday for the month.